YYMMDD denise

a guided walk by Denise Arnold, qualified Camden tour guide and teacher

This walk is in Chalk Farm and Kentish Town where buildings of all kinds illustrate the history and development of school-age education in London. It covers many types of education provision, private, state, religious, language and thematic. We will look at two of E.R. Robson's wonderful Board schools, of the many once throughout London. The route embraces a ragged school, Eleanor Marx's school, a 'National school' and an orphanage site that became a boarding school which is still operating today.

We will chart the changes in mindset which considered educating the poor as undesirable, through thinking that educating girls was unnecessary, through to the state provision whereby pupils were educated to be a useful workforce, to more recent ideas which have led to courses in critical thinking skills and to the present where our students are repeatedly tested. Come along for the brainstorming session!

MEET AT Chalk Farm tube station, Adelaide Rd, NW3 2BP. Cost £10, free to under 18s. Pay on the day, no need to book.

For more information contact Denise via email, webform or text 07928 779610