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A leisurely day's stroll with talks and breaks for lunch and tea, open to all, in association with the South Kilburn Trust.

by Alan Hovell

Thursday April 2nd 2020, 10am - 3.30pm

Explore the green spaces of NW6, the well-known and the well hidden, many created by local community centres or individual residents, in a leisurely day's stroll. All are welcome.

Stops include
  • meet at the Granville Centre, Carlton Vale
  • Rowley Way Garden
  • Grange Park
  • Abbey CC Community Garden
  • Cafe Addis, Kingsgate CC where lunch is available
  • Paddington Cemetery Willesden Lane (short talk by Dick Weindling)
  • Maygrove Peace Park
  • Fordwych Road planting round trees
  • Community garden at St Cuthbert's
  • and finish with tea at Watling Gardens Communtity Hall

CANCELLED due to the present situation.
Contact Alan via email, webform or phone 07510 512965 for more information.

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