A community centre charity walk on both sides of the Kilburn High Road

by Alan Hovell and other Camden tour guides

Saturday November 23rd 2019, 2pm - 4pm

A free community stroll along the course of the Kilbourne stream with an envelope collection (waged people) for community centres on the Brent and Camden sides of Kilburn High Road. WATER WATER EVERYWHERE, from the Westbourne stream flowing from Hampstead, the 18th century Chalybeate Spring & Wells, to the flood of 1975. Hear stories of the "six ages of Kilburn", from Roman Road to the Post-Modern era multi-communities of today's NW6. Kilburn has welcomed visitors and newcomers since the Medieval Priory to pubs & restaurants, places of entertainment and faith.

From the Hub at the Granville community centre of the South Kilburn Trust past the "Roman remains", we will criss-cross the Kilburn High Road, tracing some of the course of the Kilbourne or Westbourne stream and ending at the Kingsgate Community Centre cafe. Kingsgate Workshops opposite is open for their Open Weekend.

Book a free ticket on Eventbrite now. Suitable for all including young children in push chairs, children over 10 and if you can't quite manage walking, join us for a cup of tea at the Kingsgate Community Centre at the end.

Find out about the other side of your Kilburn High Road and meet and chat with others from the The Granville, Abbey and Kingsgate community centres.

Reserve free tickets on Eventbrite or contact Alan via email, webform or phone 07510 512965 for more information.

Explore your fascinating Kilburn. Many entirely new stops and stories from Alan & Camden Tour Guide friends.

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