Camden close up

Do you think you know Camden? Here are some details lurking on Camden buildings. The buildings are mostly well-known but I've chosen the details to be as obscure (or positively misleading) as possible!

You can click to zoom out and see more of the surroundings. But each time you do you lose a point!

When you think you know what it is, type the answer in the answer field and click Submit. Include the building name and the street it's in. Capitalisation doesn't matter but spelling does. If it seems right you get the current points, if not you can try again (but the points go down).

If you give up on a question, leave the answer blank to move to the next one. There are sixteen questions in all.

It's easy to cheat. It would be difficult to impossible to prevent this. But what's the fun in that?

Don't refresh the page - you will go back to the beginning and lose your points. If you go through to the end your score is displayed.

...and don't be too discouraged. This was intended for experts on the borough of Camden. The number of zooms before identifiable detail appears makes a score of 30 quite respectable.

Mobiles and small screens

This may work on modern mobiles with comparatively wide screens, but older smartphones tend not to be able to display the images. The code relies on fixed-width elements which would be hard to rewrite. Sorry if it doesn't work, please try again with a tablet, laptop or PC.